Weighted Vests


Every weighted vest made by A Stitch Different is made to the specific requirements of the user, vests can be made in virtually any fabric, our "Targeted Weighting System TM' is totally unique with the weight placed in specific areas around the body to give the most effective sensory feedback, we can work in conjusntion with your OT or sensory asvisor to ensure the vests are perferct for the individual. we also offer a 'standard' vest with loose weights around the base,again these can be made to your requiements 

Available with or without hoods & a choice of fastenings from zip,velcro or buttons

Please click here for pricing & further information, Bespoke doent have to mean expensive!



Some of the Weighted Vests we've made



New Style hooded Vest



Hooded weighted vest with character lining 

patch pockets & velcro fastening

removable weights bags & velcro fastening

New Style hooded Vest

Ideal for school with V neck & velcro fastening

Can be embroidered with a name





How proud does Caiden look!



Loose weights inside botton of vest 

this one with button fastening & detachable weighted neck wrap




         Adult weighted vest with zip & pockets