Blanket Guidelines

Use of weighted blanket:

If using the weighted blanket in bed, it should be used alongside the usual bedding, eg. a duvet. Place the blanket over the top of the duvet, covering body and legs but making sure the blanket does not cover the face and head. If the room is warm or in summertime, then adjust the other bedding accordingly.

If using the blanket at other times, for example to calm a child or in a sensory environment, please supervise at all times.

For pocket blankets with removable weights, make sure weight bags are placed beneath inner flaps and fasten with Velcro. Then place blanket in removable cover.  Please do not overfill the blanket, it is important that the blanket does not exceed 10% of the user’s bodyweight. For advice regarding this please contact a healthcare professional.


Please make sure the blanket is the correct weight for the user, using the table provided. 

Use of weighted therapy products must be supervised at all times and blankets should never cover a user’s head/face.

 Do not use the blanket for restraint. Users must be able to remove the blankets themselves.

Weighted therapy products should only be used on the advice of a healthcare professional, eg a doctor, occupational therapist or health visitor.

If there are any signs of damage or wear to a weighted therapy product (for example, holes, loose threads or beads) please stop using immediately.

Care instructions:

Machine wash at 30-40 degrees. Do not tumble dry. Where possible remove weights before washing. Do not place on a heat source eg, radiator. Avoid contact with naked flames/cigarette.

A Stitch Different accepts no responsibility for misuse of weighted therapy products we have supplied.

Any queries please contact