Weighted Blankets


We make our blankets in two styles, either fixed pocket or adjustable pocket for ease of washing larger heavier blankets. They can be made virtually any size and in any fabric, it is recommended that if the blanket is used at night time on a bed that it should be no larger than the width of the bed as this would give a dragging sensation not the deep pressure that the blankets are designed to give.

Each blanket is made to your requirements, fabric chosen, weight & size required etc this doesn't mean that the price will be astronomical, compared to many other many other products that dont give this flexibility prices are often a lot less than standard products.

See our Facebook Page for more photos of blankets we've made https://www.facebook.com/astitchdifferent/

Please contact us for pricing as every blanket is unique.


Adjustable Weighted Blanket


Fixed Weight Blanket

Fleece weighted Blanket

Fixed Pocket Marvel Character Blanket

Fixed Character Weighted Blanket

Fixed Character Weighted Blanket

Reversable Fixed Weighted Blanket

Fixed Weighted Blanket

Personilsed Weighted Blanket

Plain Blue Fixed Weighed Blanket

Fixed Thomas Weighted Blanket

Fixed Thomas Weighted Blanket


Fixed Thomas Weighted Blanket with Plain Blue Cotton Drill Reverse


Loose Pocket Marvel Design Weighted Blanket

Dinosaur Fixed Weighted Blanket


Jigsaw Fleece with Cotton Spot on Reverse Weighted Blanket

Marvel Weighted Blanket

Spot Blanket