Stitch Body Sock & Sheets


What is a ‘Stitch Body Sock’

The see-through lycra/spandex “Stitch body sock’ is a movement, proprioceptive,tactile, and deep pressure experience like no other. Perhaps you are wondering what to do with this "odd" looking thing. Oh, that's easy...just climb in and watch your body make shapes you never thought possible (among other uses which will are suggested below)

The size of the ‘Stitch Body Sock’ is worked out based on the height of the user from head to toe. Colours Available Blue, Red, Navy,Black, White, Purple and Green. 


Compression Sheets

Stitch Compression Sheets are now ready for sale. 

Made in 2 colours or just the one, entirely up to you. Colours currently available are Navy, Royal Blue, Red, White, Green, Pink, Black and Purple. The top border is doubled over to give that extra bit of pressure too. 


Single bed size only 

(Larger sizes dont have quite the same effect)


To discuss your requirements  or place an order please email

with your size & colour preferences 



What can we do with a Stitch Body Sock’?  

Because the ‘Stitch Body Sock’ are see-through (and breathable by the way), you can have the child do several things. First, place the child in front of a full-length mirror with the body sock on. Have them stretch it into as many shapes as possible using every part of their body, and watch the silly looks they can create. Have them hold each pose for 10 or 15 seconds to increase body awareness, balance, and or proprioception.

Second, you can turn the lights off, shine a torch (or bigger light) on them, and use the Body Sock to make crazy looking shadows on the wall. Just as you would with your hands, challenge them to use their whole body to create as many shadow animals, shapes, objects, or letters as possible (standing, sitting, or laying down). It is a wonderful creative activity that also benefits the sensory system and body awareness. Another idea... have relay races with the kids in them, giving them different directions on how to move (i.e. crawl, walk like a penguin, giant steps, baby steps, slither like a snake, commando crawl, hop, jump, etc.).

Why on earth would they do these things, you ask? Most importantly, because it's FUN! Second, because it sparks creativity and imagination. Third, because it is quite therapeutic and it feels good.

Body Sock will help children with sensory processing disorders to work on "position in space" skills. They must kinaesthetically feel what their bodies are doing and how they are coordinating their body movements. Watching themselves in a mirror, or creating shadows, will help them develop this proprioceptive sense , which is often dysfunctional in children with sensory integration dysfunction / sensory processing disorders .

The last critically therapeutic activity the "body sock" provides is heavy work/deep pressure input that is both calming and organising. Through all of these movement activities in the lycra “ stitch body sock", they will have comfortable, resistive material to push against and have pushing against them. This will benefit both children (or adults) with tactile defensiveness as well as the sensory seeking kids (you know them...the movers, shakers, crashers, endless "energiser bunnies"!)

NOTE: The “Stitch Body Sock" can also be used for sensory overloaded kids or children with Autism, PDD, Aspergers, or ADD/ADHD for a calming, sensory escape! Just let them crawl into it an sit in a quiet room, or in a play tent, tunnel, or play hut , or have them sit on an exercise ball and listen to calming music or watch a favourite movie that relaxes them.

The unique proprioceptive and tactile input children (or adults) experience with the Body Sock is unparalleled! Any one with sensory processing disorders / sensory integration dysfunction can benefit!