Sleep Ability.

A dedicated project supporting those with sleep issues run by trained sleep practitioners from A Stitch Different CIC to offer help & support.
We also run sleep workshops several times a year as outlined below


Workshop information

A series of workshops for parents & care givers with children who have difficulties with sleep.

Aims of the workshop:

  • To help understand how sleep can impact on their child’s behaviour
  • To help understand how sleep can impact on their child’s ability to participate in activities
  • To give confidence that they can make changes
  • For parents/caregivers to have the opportunity to meet others to share experiences and ideas
  • To give lots of clinically proven information and strategies to try with their child and direct to useful resources and information that may help.

Who is it for?

The workshop is for families of children aged 2-16 years old who may have autism or going through the Autistic diagnosis process. Sensory processing difficulties of children with evidence of a learning disabilities, global developmental delay or any family without a diagnosis but struggling with sleep.

The  workshops will consist of four sessions and involve parents/carers commitment to attending all 4 sessions for one hour.

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For further help and information, our dedicated support page can be found here.

To register for workshops please register your interest by emailing

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