Lap Pads

Lap Pads

We stock lots of plain fabrics that are perfect for school or more portable at home.

For character designs we may utilise pillowcases if the pattern allows it and line them to make them stronger.

 The weight is distributed evenly within the lap pad.
If the user has a special interest, we can often harness that to create something unique to the individual we find these are often more receptive to younger people however if the sensory needs are quite high would always recommend a plainer dark low arousal fabric.

We stock lots of plain fleece (£5 extra) as well as the super soft dimple fleece (£7 extra stock colours only).

We also stock lots of patterned cotton fabrics too, can send you some pics if needed.

We also stock lots of patterned cotton fabrics too.

We can also source in other colours.

Portable & ideal for travel or school our weighted lap pads are available in 3 sizes & huge range of fabrics

What size do I need?

1kg for up to age 8/9
1.5kg for age 8/9-14 years
2kg for 14 years plus


£30- 1Kg
£32 – 1.5Kg
£35 – 2Kg

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