Stitch Body Sock

Stitch Body Sock

The see-through lycra/spandex “Stitch body sock’ is a movement, proprioceptive, tactile, and deep pressure experience like no other.

The therapeutic activity the ‘stitch body sock’ provides is heavy work/deep pressure input that is both calming and organising.

Through all of these movement activities in the lycra ‘stitch body sock’, they will have comfortable, resistive material to push against and have pushing against them.

This will benefit both children and adults with tactile defensiveness as well as the sensory seeking kids (you know them…the movers, shakers, crashers, endless “energiser bunnies”!)

The size of Body Sock is worked out based on height of user - head to toe. Available in royal, navy, black, green & red subject to availability.


120cm –  £30
140cm – £32
150cm – £36
160cm – £40
180cms – £42.50
200cms – £45

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